Luxuriate in Love

(JPN original follows English.)


Communication Process Designer is a piece of art that I worked on in Japan. It’s a custom-made profession for me. Communication Process Design (CPD) is philosophy and a practice-based theory. Its premise is that all the phenomena pertaining to human life are accumulation of communication. In other words, any type of human activities result from communication. Communication pervades, regardless of industries, sectors, fields, specialties, professions, religious belief, regions, nationalities, ages, genders, colors, and so forth, whatever is vertically secluded from each other in the systems in our modern society. We perpetually communicate at every second, as we breathe in and breathe out ceaselessly. If we think and act more carefully upon how we carry out moment-to-moment interaction, that will yield a huge difference in the world which we are stuck in. Mindfully designing  process of communication enables us to change in our thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, relationships with others, and world views. It lets us disintegrate old forms within our internal and external systems and recombining them as a new synthesis.

What is a purpose for communication? My answer is, “to weave and shape love and trust with the sentient beings. Why do we endlessly communicate with others as well as oneself on our birth until death? What for? Because it’s essential for human being to survive. Communication is vital and fatal. Given the fact that it is parents (either genetically or socially) who we first communicate with, communication is indispensable to thrive. In order to exist, we need someone who wishes for our existence, those who make us alive. This is love. Until the last day, we strive to develop love towards people, things, and incidents. Family, friends, colleagues, the older, the younger, clients, strangers, celebrities on media, cars, clothes, ideas, concepts, faith, blue sky, sunshine, animals, plants, planets,,,, Anything can be an object for us to bond with through love and trust.

Based on the CPD Philosophy, I experimented in organization and community. Now, a focal point has shifted into life in itself.  To elucidate human life and psychology, money is used as a tool of expression. How can we “exchange” (not in a conventional equal exchange) money with love and trust? How can we utilize money as a container to convey love and trust to someone who you care for. Instead of getting it stagnant and seized, let money flow in and flow out.  Circle inward, circle outward. Circle downward and circle upward. Spiral…

Everyday life is a piece of art. Then, what do I create and produce out of day-to-day life? That is loving relationships that I nurture by interweaving every thread of communication. Fruits of love are ripe and laden. I’m harvesting them. While receiving their juicy sweetness, I water new ones.

My art is our life, through spinning a wheel of communication, to sing for love, taste flavor of love, and luxuriate in love.


日本ではコミュニケーションプロセスデザイナーという職業を作ってやってきた。コミュニケーションプロセスデザインとは私なりの哲学であり実践理論体系。その前提(premise)というか仮説(hypothesis)は、「人間の社会的活動の最小単位はコミュニケーションであり、生きるすべての営みをコミュニケーションという形に集約(reduced to)して捉えることができる、というもの。さまざまな産業、分野、専門に分断されている現代社会の「縦」な仕組みに、コミュニケーションという、私たちが呼吸と同じくらい常にしている行為をもってすれば、「横」ではなく、「斜め」から切り込めると思った。




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