Marriage of Sun and Moon

Am I independent?

Yes I am.

Am I dependent?

Yes I am.

One solid pillar runs through my inner core. I call it soul. I call it instinct. I call it intuition. I call it karma. I listen to it. I trust it. I follow it. I surrender to it.

The infinite number of threads are led to the pillar and tie the knots around it.  I call them connections. I call them relationships. I call them communities. I call them support. I call them love.

Independency and dependency on others are completely integrated. Dualism of Individualism and collectivism or independency and dependency dissolve. They aren’t opposite polars.  They can gracefully marry and lead a happy life together.

Knowing how to engage myself in an inner emotional journey, when to have a dialog with my mind, and what wisdom to draw from my soul. Caring for own existence.  Maximizing own time. Purifying own words and deeds.  I savor genuine solitude that I’m given everyday.

showing my weaknesses. Admitting my incapability. Asking for help when needed. Letting go off myself.  Leaning to the shoulders next to me. Believing in spirit of words, “I’m there for you.” Loving back to those who love me. I adore tender intimacy that I’m given everyday.

This is a blissful life.

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