What is your art? – A trial of responding to the question.

A general definition of art premises that art is to be seen (heard, or touched). In order to see, a product or an object is required. On the contrary, my art has no product or tangible object to show. My art is a process. Neither have I things to show nor exhibit in a gallery, though 95% of people ask me, “how do you display your art?”  “how do you track your art?” “ This is yet to be answered. What is a verb to materialize an ongoing day-to-day process that cannot be captured but flows away in a river of time? What is a verb to make an invisible, untouchable process tangible? If I discover the verb, it would make my communication to the others easier. I may know a possible verb: “to live with.” The only way of appreciating my art is to enter into it.

My definition of community is that “people are loosely connected beyond chronological and geographical distances and yet involved in one another’s decision-making process at a turning point in their lives.” I launched and developed many communities. Not all of them meet the definition. Some remain a cliche “community” in a broader sense. A “team” formed to achieve a goal of a project or business isn’t a community.

Therefore, I designed a framework where my friends and people could knock on a door and step into my life. That is, “life with.” They become a participant of my process. Becoming an actor in it is the quickest way of appreciating my art.

My art consists of multiple facets of social experimentations. Although it’s complex, I’m going to give it a try to dissect it and answer to a frequently question, “What’s your art?”

  1. Experiment in community:

I shape a new community that is the closest to the community by my definition. My community members are loosely connected to one another beyond chronological, geographical, and mental distances. Nevertheless, they will possibly get involved in one another’s critical decision-making process at a turning point in their lives.

2. Experiment in money as energy, currency:

Shifting numerous psychological meanings and connotations attached to money. Opening an alternative channel in which money is dealt differently from the conventional measurement in the capitalistic market (i.e. the equivalent exchange system of labor, socially value-added, and money). Instead, this is an experiment to exchange money with love, trust, and generosity without return, responsibility, obligation, and power dynamics that the money-goods exchange usually causes.

3. Experiment in a working style

Working is living by my definition. To work doesn’t necessarily mean that you are paid. Paid or unpaid? Employed or unemployed? Under contract or under the table? Enough to cover rent and bills or do I have to cover from my own pocket? Such a criteria for choosing a job and everyday behavior is based on the equal (value) exchange system between money and labor. I think and act out of that box. On the other hand, I don’t go for the “without money” thingy. Being anti is not my stuff. I make a decision on my work by fully (at least learning to) optimizing all the data that I can acquire, from scientific hard data and numbers to movement of spirits in elements. As a result, my decision-making process and motivations for actions are more likely different from general human behaviors in the current capitalistic society. Apparently, money influences less my everyday life choices. I expand my capacity to access as much available data as possible in the universe.

4. Experiment in the relation between the body and the mind

Through self-observation, I elucidate a link between the body and the consciousness. Interactions of the two affect which words I choose and which behaviors I select in my daily life. I carefully monitor and analyze differences in physical, physiological, psychological, mental, and cultural influences.

5. Search for the intrinsic nature of human being, as an animal species

What is wildness, instinct, and intuition? What is innately given potential in humans? I discover answers to those questions by being attentive to the finest subtleties of humans’ trivial actions, instead of being engaged in so-called “wild” and “physical” activities such as sports, athletics, and outdoors. The human physicality and intuitions are not limited to a self-sufficient life in countrysides or farming or hunting in woods. Humans use their bodies 24/7 regardless of a kind of activity. We use our bodies during sleep and brain math problems. Athletes and explorers aren’t the only wild and intuitive humans. How can I tap into human wildness and intuitions, which is largely dormant within my body in the post-modern highly developed society?

6. Creating the view on death and life

I internalize my own death and prepare for it intentionally. But, I don’t live with the “If I should die tomorrow” concept. Neither does it please me nor make sense to me. I prefer not living desperately for my life everyday, as if it would end tomorrow. Death is always here. Never leave us alone since our birth. I see it as a positive phenomenon. There is always a possibility where we become the Schrödinger’s cat ourselves in a second. We are walking towards death. To live is to be dying. The first step towards death is taken much earlier than when we recognize it. How do I ready myself for death? I want to grasp the moment of death, be alerted and conscious of death, accept it, and become it. I have no clue how I would die. A disease? An accident? A murder? A suicide? No matter what, I prepare for it every single day, by staying clear and aware of my true nature as a human animal. That’s why I practice Tibetan Bön (Buddhism) dream yoga.

7. Making my life a piece of art (this is the foundation of all my activities)

We generate ideas, expectations, and wishes to our society constantly.  “What if we had such and such a society?” “What if we could do this and that?“  “That would be much more fun than what it is now!”  These ideas formulate ideal views on our life and world. My art is to actualize the ideas. I live up to my philosophy in daily life. It’s the same as painting, building a sculpture, or making a movie. I just don’t utilize a secondary medium in order to crystalize my philosophy. My medium is my everyday life. I don’t attach much importance to “to show” and “to exhibit” my art to the others. It may not be easy for them to comprehend it as art. You can’t see, hear, or touch it as an object. But, I receive money and make my living out of this art (cf. see above: experiment in money as energy and currency). How to breathe, how to walk, how to encounter people, how to choose every and each behavior, how to sustain my life financially, socially, and psychologically, and how to spend every second. In order to make my life a piece of art, it is essential that my body, mind, and soul are always together and that my mind and soul reside in the body happily and consistently. This is the clarity of consciousness. I practice to attain the state of mind by Tibetan dream yoga, which encompasses all levels of consciousness; waking, dreaming, sleeping, and dying.


(少なくとも現代の一般的な)Artの概念、定義にはto see(to be seen)がデフォルトで入っている。To see には何らかのproduct(見る、触れる、鑑賞する対象)が必要になる。私のArtはprocessなので、 processを顕在化させる動詞はなんだろうか。それが明確になれば、コミュニケーションがもっと容易になるだろう。

それはやはり、to live with なのかもしれない。processの中に一緒に入ってもらうしかないのだ。私のコミュニティの定義は「人生の大事な意思決定に何らかの関わりを持つ間柄の人たちが、時間・地理的距離感を越えてゆるやかに繋がっている」だ。これまで沢山のコミュニティをローンチし、デザインし、育ててきたが、プロジェクトやビジネスを達成する「チーム」のままでいてはこの定義を満たすコミュニティにはならない。

だから、生きること、命に関わることに入ってきてもらう枠組みを作ってベルリンにやってきた。それは “life with”だ。Processの参加者、役者になってもらうことがartを鑑賞・堪能することにもなる。そういうArt 。コミュニティとは生きる舞台か。




【お金の実験】資本主義社会の中でお金の意味や価値を変え、市場で換算される労働的価値や社会的付加価値とは違う尺度でお金が流れる、すなわち愛、信頼、寛容さ(love, trust, generosity)によってお金がやり取りされる実験

【働き方の実験】自分の定義する働く、to work, zu arbeiten を実行する。paid or unpaid?  employed or unemployed/under contract or without contract?  enough to pay rent and bills or not enough?  といった基準から賃金との交換で働くのではないやり方。かといって、”without money” というアンチ資本主義ではなく、意思決定方法、物事への動機、思考・行動パターンが従来の資本主義経済での一般的人間行動とは違った形で「働き方」や「仕事」を、一瞬一瞬身体が受け取るあらゆる情報エネルギー(科学的データからスピリットの動きまで)をフル活用して選び取っていく。それは波に乗るのと非常に似ている。





Sounds of the Living

Strolling in a whirling wind.

Contemplating on a whirling mind

I know why I fell for this city.

Straining my ears to the surrounding.

I know how I fell for this city.

Dazzling sounds of the living.

I fell in love with the tunes he played.


I’m not paid for institutional or organizational purposes that make sense within the current socio-economic systems.

Money is bestowed to me for existential purposes by people who see the similar world in front of us.

Spent one year exploring a totally new field, I clearly know to what I want to devote my time and space. I will pour my heart into an endeavor to find out what human consciousness is and what capacity it has in relation to the body. I will elucidate what influences would be made on our society and relationships by expanding capacity of human mind. I practice widening the horizon of consciousness through staying awake in a dream and a day. I continue to breathe in and out with awareness. I let go off what’s happening that shifts immediately into the past and stay alerted to the presence. I cherish peace and silence within me without leaning to the others or objects. I’ve attained a peak of contentment and happiness as Naho Iguchi, whose life reaches 34 years.  From now on, I will even more vigorously dedicate my spirit to the process and shape my daily life around that. This is my passion.

I strive to reveal a new form, or “unform,” of art so as to make one’s life, one’s existence, one’s presence a piece of art, because I have a question to the world, can we stay alive, can we be a part of the complexity of the planet and universe, without claiming what our visions are for the future and what we intend to accomplish, without presenting how valuable ideas we have and what meaningful actions we take,  without proving what talents, power, and competencies we have, without justifying why we are who we are.

I hope to be simply alive. I am life. Fulfillment for dying. Everything ceases at the end.

How can I make a breathe, a glance, a stride of my feet, always connected to my artistic crystallization (I don’t use the word, expression because I’m no longer sure if “expressing thoughts and feelings” is the right word to me”) ? How can I be art? Crystallization is a chemical reaction in which a solution or gas becomes a solid crystal. A paradox is that I honestly want to keep a solution or gas as it is, while “art” asks me (and every artist)  to deliver something crystalized, visible, sensible, tangible, and meaningful.

I still have fear and anxiety for money (= the near future) and the way of sustaining my life. The fear doesn’t go away completely. I have no clue how my art-life in Berlin will go.  At the end, however, I don’t know if the fear stems from anxiety for running out of the financial source or not. Am I afraid of the shortage of money? What is it really? I’m very sad when I imagine a situation where my life in Berlin suddenly ends. I have love for the city. I’m building affection and attachment to my living in Berlin. I’m cultivating new soil to be rooted here. Vibration that the city has matches my life phase, what my body and heart want in order to spend each and every moment in happiness, tranquility, and awe for the world. But, this will end sooner or later. Everything ceases eventually. Materials are to be worn down. Occurrences are to begin and end. Am I afraid of losing my life here? No, I’m not but simply sad. It’s truly sad to lose something or someone you are fond of and intensely connected to. Regardless of my feelings, however, things happen. I would be ok when I lose my life here, as long as I stay alive, or I have life. Sadness will be appeased. Most importantly, I’m not losing it  now but perfectly in it!

I’m determined to pursue this journey, following my passion. The path will unfold by itself. The fear and anxiety for my future money and future sustainable life can get in a way and makes me blind and deaf for a few minutes, but they are at last passers-by. I will keep a trial and error of circulating energy with my beloved people and make my life art.

La Mosquée Bleue

Oh dear Istanbul,

my admiration and affection for you brought me to one painting. J’ai trouvé La Mosquée Bleue d’Istanbul dans Le Musée de Louvre. How could I not miss it? The perfect shape of blue spires that penetrate the sky and ocean. You were placed at a very quiet corner of the top floor in the museum. I came across with you while I was breathing deeply.

Deep in. Deep out.


10273453_10152020052236360_5953053959147785441_n 10311809_10152020052521360_608040095940003447_n 10334398_10152020052826360_7739345727000849498_n

La Ville-Lumière

Wandering about.

A gentle wind led me to la Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. The crescent was veiled with blue clouds. I breezed into its door to greet Jesus. By chance, an evening Mass by the Cardinal Bishop of the city was being conducted. Ce s’appelle Grande veillée pour la vie. “Great vigil for life.”

The magnificent architecture that inspires nothing but awe in us reminded me of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Chanting of Quran and prayer of choir inevitably had the same resonance. A tonal ladder to the heaven.



Luxuriate in Love

(JPN original follows English.)


Communication Process Designer is a piece of art that I worked on in Japan. It’s a custom-made profession for me. Communication Process Design (CPD) is philosophy and a practice-based theory. Its premise is that all the phenomena pertaining to human life are accumulation of communication. In other words, any type of human activities result from communication. Communication pervades, regardless of industries, sectors, fields, specialties, professions, religious belief, regions, nationalities, ages, genders, colors, and so forth, whatever is vertically secluded from each other in the systems in our modern society. We perpetually communicate at every second, as we breathe in and breathe out ceaselessly. If we think and act more carefully upon how we carry out moment-to-moment interaction, that will yield a huge difference in the world which we are stuck in. Mindfully designing  process of communication enables us to change in our thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, relationships with others, and world views. It lets us disintegrate old forms within our internal and external systems and recombining them as a new synthesis.

What is a purpose for communication? My answer is, “to weave and shape love and trust with the sentient beings. Why do we endlessly communicate with others as well as oneself on our birth until death? What for? Because it’s essential for human being to survive. Communication is vital and fatal. Given the fact that it is parents (either genetically or socially) who we first communicate with, communication is indispensable to thrive. In order to exist, we need someone who wishes for our existence, those who make us alive. This is love. Until the last day, we strive to develop love towards people, things, and incidents. Family, friends, colleagues, the older, the younger, clients, strangers, celebrities on media, cars, clothes, ideas, concepts, faith, blue sky, sunshine, animals, plants, planets,,,, Anything can be an object for us to bond with through love and trust.

Based on the CPD Philosophy, I experimented in organization and community. Now, a focal point has shifted into life in itself.  To elucidate human life and psychology, money is used as a tool of expression. How can we “exchange” (not in a conventional equal exchange) money with love and trust? How can we utilize money as a container to convey love and trust to someone who you care for. Instead of getting it stagnant and seized, let money flow in and flow out.  Circle inward, circle outward. Circle downward and circle upward. Spiral…

Everyday life is a piece of art. Then, what do I create and produce out of day-to-day life? That is loving relationships that I nurture by interweaving every thread of communication. Fruits of love are ripe and laden. I’m harvesting them. While receiving their juicy sweetness, I water new ones.

My art is our life, through spinning a wheel of communication, to sing for love, taste flavor of love, and luxuriate in love.


日本ではコミュニケーションプロセスデザイナーという職業を作ってやってきた。コミュニケーションプロセスデザインとは私なりの哲学であり実践理論体系。その前提(premise)というか仮説(hypothesis)は、「人間の社会的活動の最小単位はコミュニケーションであり、生きるすべての営みをコミュニケーションという形に集約(reduced to)して捉えることができる、というもの。さまざまな産業、分野、専門に分断されている現代社会の「縦」な仕組みに、コミュニケーションという、私たちが呼吸と同じくらい常にしている行為をもってすれば、「横」ではなく、「斜め」から切り込めると思った。