Visualize Your Process


Tap into Your Visual Intuition!

“Visualize Your Process” is Iguchi’s popular workshop series of visual communication and strategic illustration for both individuals and organizations. It offers a variety of courses from a beginner who hates drawing to professionals who wish to improve their visual communication skills.

The graphical approach effectively and constructively guides us to find a clue in our complex communication.

  • Re-express and interpret discussions and dialogs by live simultaneous visualization on a big sheet paper,
  • Listen to and illustrate emerging ideas through icons, symbols, diagrams, typography and drawings,
  • Stimulate and unleash our desire to communicate more visually

Interview by Loftwork OpenCU (JPN)
Report1: VYP with OpenCU (JPN)
Report2: VYP with OpenCU (JPN)
Report3: VYP with OpenCU (JPN)

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