The night sky

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In the study of psychology, there are multiple layers that divide the consciousness and the unconsciousness. In other words, there are boundaries or films between the two.

When I explore human consciousness both during day and night without a premise of the notion of the unconscious, I come to see a different structure of the consciousness.

The human consciousness is like the night sky. Thoughts and emotions in our waking life (conscious realm) are the first magnitude stars. They are in the visible spectrum even in an urban area unless it’s terribly cloudy.

Past experiences and memories or subliminal information that “unknowingly” influence our cognitive activities and dreams during sleep (unconscious realm) are the fourth of fifth magnitude starts. Our eyes fail to capture unless we go to countrysides with less urban lights and clearer air.

All the elements exist over the sky even if they are merely luminous residual of ancient materials that vanished millions light years ago. We need to arrange a certain condition and circumstances in order for our eyes to see light of all the stars that affects our human mind. There is no boundary between the consciousness and the unconsciousness. It’s just the consciousness. Regardless of the gap in magnitude of brightness, we will be able to look at weak light, as long as we practice.








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