My observation on Yoga

Yoga is a way of reconnecting with all the parts of the body. It releases blockage within the body, even tiny bits and pieces, lets congested energy flow, and reactivates power that we are innately given.

Sports and dance are great to build up and strengthen our body. The body will be designed to do a certain movement. Muscles and flesh will be grown and molded into a particular shape to function in a particular manner to be most effective to do a specific sport or dance.

A big difference of yoga is that it doesn’t “add on.” Yoga is to unlock the current condition and unleash a force that each and every muscle fibre and tissue potentially has. It doesn’t aim to produce new muscles for a purpose (although it happens). Yoga doesn’t miss out anything of us. It pierces us inside out and upside down.

Our body and mind have abound power once all are interconnected. We don’t know how much force we can emit when we properly stretch and press the body both inward and outward at most, after softening stiffness.

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