Values and Powers attached to “Money” and “Work”

I do what I want each day to the extent that I can offer and serve for a day. I pour as much energy as I’m meant to for a day since the sun breaks darkness until the eyelids are shut and invite another darkness. The just perfect amount of responsibility is exerted day by day. No exceeds. No scarce. This is how I work.  It is one angle of multi-dimensional truth that I have luxury of such a working style because neither on the payroll nor contract am I. Professionalism isn’t bound to Money.

Money raises expectations that we get from others and puts extra responsibility upon our shoulders, which is actually crucial for us to act socially, behave conscientiously, gain credibility, and proceed with maturity.

On the other hand, absence of such expectations, responsibility, and obligations extra-added by money allows me not to be in a haste but free from overloaded stress and pressure, and gives me ample time and space for completely resting the body, mind, and heart everyday. As a result, I’m highly alerted in every moment and aware of my breathe, postures, muscles on the face, and clench of the teeth. It is In this state of consciousness that I can give full presence to people around me. Mindfully I catch what is expected “right now,” which isn’t written in a document or specified in a conversation. Perfectly in line with my philosophy of living and dying. Stretching myself at the just about right length. Working gracefully like drawing an arch of the crescent.

Living a life is to work. Working is to fully maximize one’s capacity, use up all the functions that we are intrinsically equipped, then dying. Why not are our lives as simple as this: go to sleep after exhausting all you have for a day until the sunshine wakes you up? It’s fun to earnestly develop strategies and tactics to produce value-added, increase marketability and yield big outcomes. Beautiful stories are often bi-products of economic success. It’s seductive to reach to and go beyond the extreme. I like it also. But, if we are always required to exceeds our limit every day and night, and if society blindly conventionally force its citizens to do so, then we eventually fail to keep up and overwhelm.

When an individual is overloaded, it is no wonder that the society that contains such individuals become overloaded. This is where we have been over decades, I reckon. On this planet, there are more and more people who are extremely overwhelmed yet sadly too dull to be aware of own wounds and shackles. Consequently, many countries and governments are chocked up and suffocated, aren’t they?

We need to shed lights on and redefine the following:

1)The values and power we attach to money.

2)The extent of responsibility pertaining to ourselves that we are expected to exert based on the values added to money.

3)The extent of responsibility pertaining to others that we are expected to exert based on the values added to money.

4)Our cognitive behaviors that are automatically generated by blindly reacting to the responsibility that money sets to us.

5)Our psychological processes that are automatically generated by blindly reacting to the responsibility that money sets to us.







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