Living in it. Living with it.

I’m not “anti” anything. My attempt is to set a new measurement that is feasible, relevant, and rational in the current and future capitalistic market. I intend to shift psychological meanings, or values, attached to money, peel off unnecessary connotations and reduce it to the simplest form as it used to be when it was first invented. That is my life in Berlin. A beloved art piece.

The monetary economy is a well-made system that has been applied for hundreds and thousands years. A newer theory than Capitalism hasn’t been addressed yet. It will take a while to develop an alternative one that could take over Capitalism. We are still stumbling.

Neither do I think that it’s realistic to generate a whole new paradigmatic theory of economics in a few years, nor that it meets my philosophical stance to be emotionally and mindlessly polarize myself as “anti.” Hence,  in the monetary economic society, I’m trying to create a “microcosmos” where money is ran in a paradigmatically different way. The theme is to, within the current system. yield another “energetic” dimension in which people employ energy (capital and other resources, goods, and materials such as fuel, merchandise, knowledge, data, etc.) differently from what we normally know and blindly believe to be the only way. No opposition to money since it benefits me in various situations.

Rejecting or denying merely one side doesn’t lead a change. Dichotomous entities exhaust themselves and energy disperse. Instead of being against, preaching the contrary theory and accusing the current system, I construct hypotheses, carry out experiments for verification, and actualize what’s in my head, like architects build architectures based on imagination in their mind.

2 thoughts on “Living in it. Living with it.

  1. Rob Kara says:

    Congratulations Naho on experimenting with Reality to test out how it really operates! 🙂

    What purpose does money really serve though when it’s normalized to it’s n’th degree, for example the fractioning of money has taken a new level with the advent of bitcoin which can get into fractions of a cent now.

    Why?? Surely it must be obvious to people now that Reality inherently is not a function as money would imply that can infinitely be fractionalized …

    Why not just go back to old-school and really on Reality or nature to provide all things for all beings, like how it’s been doing since the dawn of time.

    Maybe the only reason why people use money is because that’s what they have been taught all their lives to do, and they’ve never been taught another way?

    • communicationprocessdesign says:

      Thank you for your comment! I agree with you that we use money because we take it for granted and don’t know other ways. As you say, money didn’t exist upon the dawn of time. Yet, money (or some sort of the equivalent medium) has been within in human life since about 100,000 years ago. That’s why I and my community experiment to “peel” layers of psychological effects attached to money and try to bring it back to its natural state = relationship, trust, love. Perhaps, we are archeologist of money in the modern society who figuratively “dig” it deeper and deeper:)

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