What the heck is Communication Process Designer?

It’s been almost 1.5 years since I started working as an independent professional.

What do I do?

I have my own practice called “Communication Process Design.”

What the heck it that??

Well, this is neither an established job title nor even an existing professional field. Nothing like this out there yet though there are plenty of like-minded people. Communication Process Designer is indeed my dream job and what I wanna be. Nonetheless, since Day 1, when I first called myself such, I’ve already been ‘it.” That’s me. I’m Communication Process Designer.  In other words, I’m living my dream in a sense!!! Isn’t it cool?

Communication occurs anywhere as long as humans exist. But, we tend to pay more attention to “what to say,” or contents, than “how to say,” or process. Because we speak language and communicate with others everyday, we think that we “are able to” communicate well. However, reality is quite different. The world is filled with misunderstanding. Are we incapable of communication?

In my opinion, we badly underrate the importance of “process” of communication, while preoccupied with “what I wanna tell you.”

“You know what I mean?” 😉

My point here is, instead of repeating “you know what I mean?”  we should reflect upon how we convey our messages.

Therefore, I’m determined to be an expert in designing the process of communication. Whether it’s verbal or non-verbal; whether it’s intra-personal, inter-personal, group, organizational, community, national, international, or global; whether it’s corporate, not-for-profit, or volunteer; whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual,  I collaborate with people to design more creative, more innovative,  more effective, wilder, and more powerful communication ways.

Specifically, my services (all can be offered JPN/ENG bilingual) ranges following:


  • Career visioning coaching
  • Presentation coaching

Facilitation and Visualization

  • Graphic facilitation+recording
  • Process recording (creating live collage)
  • Workshop and training design+facilitation
  • Strategic meeting design+facilitation
  • MC
  • Moderator

Produce and Direction

  • Event and conference planning+operation
  • Space design for event, workshop, and conference

Cultural Competencies

  • Cross-cultural/Inter-cultural/multi-cultural communication training
  • Academic/Business English writing (for Japanese)
  • Performative interpretation (ENG-JPN, JPN-ENG)
  • Translation (ENG-JPN, JPN-ENG)

Organization, Community, and System Design

  • Organizational design and development
  • Face-to-face/virtual team-building
  • Community building
  • Global network weaving

I believe, already now and by far more in future, that we require such a job as Communication Process Designer who sees multiple dimensions in communication, excels in the areas above, and thus is able to create holistic and systemic approach towards our world.

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