Be open to

To be open to any possibility is one thing. To prepare for multiple options for you to choose and keep the future open, like “I could do this and that!” “This might be also good for me. Let’s keep it for now!,” is another thing.

Our imagination is at the end limited to our conception and paradigm, or our language. Possibilities that we ourselves create don’t exceed who we are. An extraordinarily possibility comes from middle of nowhere, which we never even thought of, unexpectedly and absurdly. Such a possibility stuns and astonishes us. An unintended coincidence and an abrupt invitation open up a new path of possibility.

To be open to any possibility is to develop flexibility and detachment within us that enable us to say yes to a surprising invitation sent from where we don’t belong, even if we skeptically feel that we are about to throwing away what we have established, believed, and relied on.

We don’t need to keep multiple choices and disguise ourselves as if we had so many possibilities ahead of us. We should cultivate tenderness and resilience inside us that let us jump in an altered dimensioned hole suddenly appearing along the way.





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