Silence speaks

People ask me what my vision and goal are and what I hope to accomplish in Berlin/Europe. I answer, “nothing.” Then, they are perplexed with a nuanced facial expression implying “no way, you should have a goal. We all have a goal.” But, I don’t have it now.

Vision and goal are something that we human make up in order to illustrate our future and motivate us to keep going. I strongly agree that there are occasions where vision and goal are highly relevant and powerful to have. But, not all the time. Not always in our life phases.

If we are contended with the present state and also the way that we’ve walked along there, then why do we need to be bothered to think about future and run after it?

For now, I’m done with diving into my past or preoccupied with making sense of my future, although these phases may come again.

Future is here with me. Not somewhere far away. Past is here with me. Not forgotten deep in unconscious. My body pierces time. It converges within me. I no longer attempt to illustrate future visually or describe it in words. I’m not aiming or achieving something.

I sit next to calmness. The calmness is perfectly balanced at my center core. The calmness resonates silence. Profound silence. It’s so serene that I can hear a sound of a ripple spreading across a pond as soon as a drop of water touches its surface. I cherish this silence and choose and pick things that don’t cut it out. Every moment, every action, I intend to mindfully listen to the silence. It brings what is essential in my life to me.

2 thoughts on “Silence speaks

  1. bobstilger493432751 says:

    Nomura-san and I were having an interesting conversation a few days ago.

    Clarity of purpose is over-rated. It can become a confining box.

    Rather than working on clarity of purpose, perhaps we need to be working on re-imagining our future.

    Sounds to me like that is, perhaps, what you are doing!



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    As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the in being able to remake ourselves. Mahatma Gandhi

    • communicationprocessdesign says:

      Sounds like it! Indeed I was almost writing a similar statement in my email to ya;-) Japanese (well, I know the people best amongst all nationalities and races) are too busy chasing their “mission” or “social good” or “purpose” but don’t have much time/space to pay attention to the other things that are seemingly irrelevant to their “interest” (=mission/goal/purpose. Interestingly enough…) , and I don’t know whether this is really a good thing or not.

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