When the inhale is narrow, you don’t want to acknowledge or accept something. The protective, defensive mind causes your body to behave the same. As a result, your body becomes shrunken and stiff, so that you don’t have to “inhale” a lot of what you don’t like. But, what you don’t like isn’t really around you in air. It’s in your head only. In fact, you are surrounded with nice, soothing, refreshing air.

Deep in. Inhale slowly to the bottom of your belly and reach to the feet.

Breathe in allows you to surrender what you are going through in a gentle, tender manner.

Surrender, and bow the head to the earth, white dusty earth. Then look up to the infinite blue sky. The sun will celebrate you during day. The moon will whisper you during night.

Breath out. Deep out. That creates more space within you to invite joy and bliss.

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