Make Our Life A Piece of Art

To get started, I would like to toss a question to us.

“Can we really walk on two feet?”

Yoga and meditation, by means of intentional or unintentional breathing, gradually alter physical alignment of our body. Twisted bones and tweaked muscles are unlocked, flexed, and get stored back in the right places.

The forward-bent shoulders, narrowed chest, stooped spine are opened up, stretched out, and become more and more straightened. When my head, neck, shoulder blades, spine, lower back bone, and hip joints are firmly aligned, I notice a difference in my walking. I become able to walk more naturally in a balanced manner. I am stunned to learn how distorted my walking was. I have failed to be bipeds for the past 30 years.

What we normally do everyday for a number of years. What we undoubtedly believe that we are capable of doing with excellence. Our life is accumulation of such things. Walking. Eating. Seeing. Hearing, and so forth.

Yet, can we really say so?

Do we really walk on the two legs? Do we really taste food on the tongue? Do we truly see things with our eyes?

Are we fully connected to what we are intrinsically given? What does it mean to be authentic? How can we stay true to ourselves? I have been searching for it.

What is the purpose for our life? It could be for the earth in 100 years. It could be for the next generation. It could be for giving a positive impact on the present society. No matter what it might be, we are to quest why we are here, and what our roles to play and be part of this world

As I’m heavily involved in such a forward-thinking project as TEDxTokyo, I’m often asked, “what’s your next project?” “what goal do you want to achieve?”  But, I don’t have much to say because I’m not as ambitious as people expect. I’m not interested in leaving my marks on the world. I don’t have a 10-year vision.

What do I want to do, then?

I’d love to express myself to the fullest. Though it sounds selfish, this is my honest feeling.

An old friend of mine back from college described me, “you live your life as art”

I pursue a path of being myself, letting my presence as it is, for nothing. I simply embody it in my daily life. I am a piece of my art work. I am the consequence of my expression.

Whom I meet to, where I choose to live, what kind of words I weave, what way I work, what color of love I embrace. My art is neither paintings nor sculptures, but the way of my living.

I wish to be always there for someone who needs my existence at a moment. Being just who I am can be of great help for others, I believe. With no self-sacrifice. With no self-restraint. Without losing a sense of who I am. We humans are meant to appreciate our life, put smiles on others’ faces, and build symbiotic relationships with the other species. Why not doing it? Where egoism units with altruism, my life exists.

But, how? What possibly makes someone’s life art?

My painting blush and ink are communication. From the very beginning to the ending of life, we are destined to communicate seamlessly, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, age, sex, or even species. When alone, we play with imagination. When asleep, we travel in a dream. Talking. Writing. Drawing. Using sounds and movements. We are no longer limited to proximity. Physical communication. Tele communication. Online communication.

We never stop breathing from the birth to the death. Likewise, we don’t cease to communicate until the last day. I think that communication is the minimum unit of social activity of human being.

Each and every portion of communication is the painting blush and colored ink that I select to use.

In order to pursue my art of living, I create the new profession for me; Communication Process Designer. It allows me to seek my soul that is neither defined nor confined by society and culture.

As Communication Process Designer, I support people in tapping into their values and discovering their favorite ways of working. I nurture community where similar passions are shared among its members. I also produce and curate events, and take the lead in various projects. While my job covers a wide range, the essence of Communication Process Design is to lay the foundation of love and trust in order for us to accept as it is and live with integrity.

Breathing dissolves imbalance in our body. Communication dissolves imbalance of society, in other words, the web of human relation.

There are a plenty of breathing techniques invented to purify our body and soul. What kind of communication is in need to work on imbalance of society?

We take it for granted to excel in communication since we do it for years. However, do we really communicate in a genuine manner that enables us to come close together? Have we cultivated such capacity?







今年はCommuniation Process Designerって何なの?ってところの、2009年、2010年でまだ出してなかった引き出しをジャカジャカ開けていければなぁ。私の頭の中ではいい感じにCommunication Process Designerモデルが構築されてきてる。だけど、多面的ポリゴンだし聴覚的でもあるし、何より直観的(五感ですらない)なので、どうやって現実世界(他者がいるところ)に表出させるかがチャレンジ。そのためには言語化が必要になってくるのだよー。言語って言うと文字だけになっちゃうから、記号化、かな。絵や色や音も含まれる。建築士が頭の中にある建造物のイメージを設計図に落とし込むように、「自分」という設計図を引いていくことによって他者に伝えて行く。製図するために色んな術(the art)を習得する。それがコミュニケーション。





さらに、Communication Process Designerとして、新しい組織論の実験、新しい経済モデルの実験(現行の経済学ではすでに語れないもの)を試みるための土台を創っている最中なのだけれども、ってことはCommuniation Process Designerというプロフェッショナルを育て、根付かせていくためには、これまでのビジネスで必要/有効であったセールス術、交渉術、ブランディング力、マーケティング力、戦略などは一切関係ないのだ、という至極単純当然なことに今朝の瞑想で気づきました。オペレートしている理論が違う(パラダイムが違う)わけだからね。



Communication Process Designer というものは、私の生き様そのものがブランディングになりセールスになり付加価値になること、なのかもしれないな。うむ。




今年も I will BE Communication Process Designer!




私の仕事 “Communication Process Design” とはどんなものかをお伝えするには、  私がどんなことを思考し、感じ、思い描き、活動をしているかを記録し、発信することが必要だなぁということで、ここは「言葉の落書き帳」とでもいうような、自由に書き残すスペースにしていきます。

組織心理学、コミュニケーション、ソーシャルメディア、ネットワーク、サステナビリティ、文化、哲学、スピリチュアリティ、などなどなど、理論と実践、知識と経験、 分析と直観、色とりどりの切り口で書いていきます。