filling up




The universal predisposition of human being: we are the creature that wastes and dumps stuff. Soon the “Dream Island” full of trash will appear in the digital world. Cloud is its bud.

Discharge of harmful chemicals, excessive packaging, exceeded food to be discarded. The same things are happening to digital data. Overproduction and junk of information. A pile of crappy digital data will probably crush us down, won’t it?

What is essential to fulfill our life? What isn’t? Beaty and holiness are born out of meaninglessness and wastefulness. They enrich art. Excess and surplus are not by nature vicious. But we have crossed the limit materially. Digitally alike.

We humans will always fill in the space, if any. Thoughts fill up our mind. Stuff and trash bury our land. We sail out to the sea and space, then create the cyber space. What is the next space?